Audio FAQs

How Do I Listen to Digital Audiobooks?
Virtually any device you own will play digital audiobooks (Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Android phone, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android tablets, even your PC or MP3 player). All you have to do is download the Audible App for your device and BOOM you are listening to audiobooks. EASY PEASY.

audioAren’t Audiobooks Expensive?
It doesn’t have to be! When you puchase an ebook on Amazon, you can often add the audiobook for CRAZY CHEAP. Look for “Add Audible narration.” (See image.) Or, try any one audiobook free and then get great discounts with a 30-day Audible membership.

Does reading along with audiobooks really improve literacy?
It’s crazy, but it does! When kids take in language audibly and visually, it actually creates connections within different parts of the brain that aid a variety of reading skills: decoding, comprehension, increased vocabulary, fluency, word recognition… Audio is great for kids!